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December 17, 2019

Courtney & Conley: A Super Cold Engagement Session in the Beartooth Mountains


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If I had to retire on any single session, it would definitely be this one out in the Beartooth Mountains. Courtney and Conley were the best pals to go adventuring with out near Roscoe, and we only almost got stuck like once or twice or three times. Thank goodness we didn’t though because I’ve already done that at another engagement session and would rather not spend daylight digging the car out.

Since I’m frequently out in the wilderness with my people, I now bring several items to help in case of an emergency (winter edition):

  1. A Small Shovel
  2. First Aid Kit
  3. Extra Blankets

Depending on the location I’ll generally bring along some other things too. The one consistent item is snacks – because I’m a mom and don’t want any hangry clients.

The Session

After a several mile drive up a dirt road (or at least it was dirt under the layer of ice packed on top of it) we ended up at a little lake complete with cozy little cabins surrounding it. Side note- purchasing one of said cabins has now been added to my Things To Buy When I’m Rich list. A tiny river flows out of this lake and was the perfect spot to start. Though I will say I was a bit nervous because I almost always fall during sessions, and I didn’t want the thing I fell in to be an ice-cold river. No matter though – I was extra careful and managed to stay dry, and more importantly, Courtney and Conley stayed dry too. Success!

Since up where we were can get SUPER cold and windy, we would jump out of the car for a few minutes, take pictures until our fingers/noses/ears froze, then jump back in the car to warm up. If you haven’t noticed, I like to keep my couples moving constantly. The bonus with that is that it keeps them a little warmer on cold Montana mountaintops.

After we’d had enough of that, we headed back to the Grizzly Bar in Roscoe. If you ever find yourself in Roscoe (chances = slim) treat yourself to a steak there and thank me afterward.


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