in home couples photo session with popcorn

March 6, 2019

Intimate In-home Couples Photoshoot


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As many people know, winter is a slow time for photographers (especially in the North). The mad-rush for photos and weddings before the holidays has died off and we are trapped under several feet of snow. I’ve had to get creative since moving to Montana, in finding ways to shoot during the winter that don’t involve frostbite on my fingers. So, many photo sessions have been moved indoors! Now, shooting inside is not ideal. The lighting is not as great as if you’re outside at sunset, but you have to work with what you’ve got.

This intimate in-home couples session is perfect for engagements, anniversary, or just because! Sessions like these are a fun way to stay cozy at home and to showcase your personality in your own home. They can be as intimate as you’d like – they can involve baking cookies, dance parties, hot tubbing, or whatever it is you’re into.

For this session with Caylee and Jon, we started out just hanging by the fire with a bowl of popcorn. They got a little steamy in the bedroom (these two are suuuuper into each other!) and then we ended in the hot tub! These two were so amazing, and have the cutest little family! I loved this session because it shows that even married couples with kids can still have intimate moments together and keep their marriage alive!

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